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Solution providers who want to sell and implement KardumTech solutions

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Our Technology Solutions

1- Custom Software Development

We have a team of professionals made up of project managers, solution architects and technical leaders, UI/UX designers, programmers in a wide variety of development languages, expert QA testers, CI/CD devops.

We offer the development of any type of IT solution to any company that needs it, no matter how big the challenge is. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to face any challenge.

2- Maritime Logistics: Global Candace

Global Candace is a real-time platform that, after connecting to the ERP of your business, captures the information on a map with all the ships geolocated in real time.

Just by clicking on the ship you are interested in, you will access its updated ETD and ETA information, name of the product or the reference you want, internal purchase number, shipping company, container, supplier, client and to which warehouse it will go.

3- Land Logistics: Sherpa

Sherpa TMS is capable of managing an entire fleet. Adapted to any need, eliminating the need to hire an auxiliary server.

Sherpa SGA is a software specialized in warehouse management and logistics operators. It controls and optimizes the processes of a warehouse.

Main features:

  • Control and monitoring of deliveries in real time.
  • Tracking and optimization of routes
  • Automated documentation management
  • Warehouse software integrated with logistics operations
  • Management indicators, updated in real time

4- Project Management Software: MyTaskPanel

MyTaskPanel manages projects in agile methodologies in the simplest and most practical way. Make project management simple and intuitive both for small work teams and for the most complex organizations.

Control every detail: the health of the company in general, the status of a particular project, the next deliveries to be made, the workload per user, the allocation of hours and much more.

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