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Nonwatio - Geswatio

A comprehensive monitoring, control and management System (web and mobile application) was developed for energy saving and efficiency, which allows users to have full visibility and control of the status and consumption of the different facilities of their business.


Integration and configuration of image processing service and radiological medical studies.

The purpose of this project was to provide a solution to the end customer in their need to improve the study visualization system that they were using until now, which was a custom development and was insufficient for them to carry out reports effectively. Given this situation, it was decided to use an open source viewer to solve the current problem.


Mobile application to promote domestic tourism. By fulfilling different types of “challenges” set at different points in the city, the user gets to know the points of interest in that city in a different way, interacting in many cases with local stores.

The solution is made up of a mobile application for Android and iOS, hosted in the two stores, and a web application for administration, which provides all the endpoints that the mobile application needs for communication.


Vue.js web application with mysql database and express backend for managing pig farms statistics and execution business intelligence algorithms.


React, Express, and D3 based chart-focused application that is used to visualize and navigate a decentralized organization schema.

Lovis ERP


As part of the internationalisation process of Lovis, a leading ERP manufacturer in the Mexican market, we carried out specialised consultancy sessions for them, in which the areas of commercial management, accounting, treasury and taxation were analysed, from the point of view of their adaptation within the framework of current legislation, and also from the point of view of their adaptation to the customs and habits of the Spanish market.

As a result of these workshops, a report was issued with recommendations on the points for improvement that could have been detected.

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MVP of a restaurant directory app in Malaga. As a restaurant owner you can register your restaurant, check and cancel reservations. As a user you can search for restaurants by category, make reservations and buy discounted gift cards.

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